We've built our reputation on our dedicated members and pulling community

ITPA was established in 1980 in Alexandria, Indiana to promote the sport of truck pulling. ITPA has been in operation for almost 45 years with approximately 50 active members across our four classes. 

The classes currently promoted are the 4x4 Pro Stock, and 3.0 Limited Pro Stock Diesel Trucks. Our membership and pulling schedule cover the state of Indiana and a few of the surrounding states focusing on central Indiana. 

2023 Rule Book 

why choose ITPA?


We currently average around 20 pulls per season and offer one of the best truck pulling shows in the state. Members pull throughout the season for points for an additional points purse at the end of the year. Points are aquired by attending pulls and increase based on the place finish at each pull. 

Contact us today to book a pull for your county fair, festival, fundraiser, or just for fun! We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your contribution to this sport we all love.

To read more about the 2023 ITPA Rule Book click the link, ITPA_Rulebook.pdf.

Sponsorships go a long way in keeping our association running. They not only help our association, but it is also a platform to reach other customers that may not be reached elsewhere. To become a sponsor, fill out the ITPA_Sponsorship.pdf.

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We appreciate the opportunity to work with you! Hosting details can be found in the ITPA_Contract.pdf.

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We are flexible to your schedule

Your business is essential for the survival of the sport. We want to be able to put on a great show, and to do that we need to have dedicated promoters to make that happen like yourselves! 

We know the ins and outs of the pulling industry 

The difference, in one word, is experience. Our association has been operating for over 40 years. With the changing economics we have adapted to overcome the new challenged to promote pulling today.

We're not just a vendor, we're your partner

Truck pulling needs fluctuate, grow, and evolve in ways you might not be able to anticipate. We can help create middle ground when an event is unsatisfactory and will work with you to ensure it won't happen again. You are the one who keeps this sport alive, working with you is our pleasure!

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