2021  Tentative Schedule

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                           4ALT - 4WD ALTERED STOCK     4PRO - 4WD PRO STOCK     4SS - 4WD SUPER STOCK  

                                          LPSD - LIMITED PRO STOCK DIESEL      SF - SUPER FARM TRACTOR

                                                                      Last Updated: 


6/4/21 Waglers Lyons, INAll Classes 


6/11/21Paris, IL4Pro, 3.0 Diesels6:00 Central 
 6/12/21Idaville, IN 4Pro, 3.0 Diesels

6:00 Central 

6/19/21Saline City, IN 4Pro6:00  
6/30/21Columbus, INAll Classes6:00  
7/9/21Onley, IL3.0 Diesels6:00 Central 
7/10/21Rockville, IN4Pro6:00  
7/15/21Terre Haute, IN All Classes and Superfarms7:00  
 7/16/21Terre Haute, IN 4Pro, 4Super, 4Altered7:00  
7/22/21Danville, IN???????  
7/29/21Evansville, IN3.0 Diesels6:00 Central 
7/30/21Albion, IL4Pro, 3.0 Diesels6:00 Central 
8/7/21Colfax, IN4Pro, 3.0 Diesels6:00 
8/12/21Marshall, IL??????? 
8/13/21Carmi, IL4Pro6:00 Central 
8/14/21Idaville, IN4Pro6:00 
9/4/21Fleece North Salem, IN4Pro, 3.0 Diesels1:00  
9/4/21Saline City, IN4Pro7:00 
10/2/21Waglers Lyons, INAll Classes and Superfarms6:00